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Ska-Line Round Up of the Global Ska Scene February 14th 2021

Morning all - here we go with some stuff about the music we love...

I'm sure it hasn't passed you by, but just in case... The Selecter re-released their 40th anniversary masterclass Too Much Pressure album.

Released on heavyweight 180g vinyl (black or clear variants) remastered and cut at half speed. 3CD box set contains a new remaster of our original 1980 album. CD2 collects all the non-album singles, b-sides, John Peel session and some previously unreleased rarities. CD3 features a newly mixed concert recorded at Tiffany’s in Coventry on the Two Tone Tour in November 1979, along with some tracks recorded in 1980. Early orders also get a 7 inch single of On My Radio b/w Too Much Pressure which I am assuming will carry the CHSTT4 number?

Pre-order now from

First new music from The Launchers since 2019's The Leader - is Rainbow Children. A reggae infused, bass driven number. A summation of life in lockdown. A laid back reggae heavy vibe in this one. Love the recorder motif after the chorus - linking the child like qualities of the Rainbow Children.

From their press release 'Rainbow Children’ presents a hopeful message of love and light in these challenging times, it must be love... A message to those struggling to take joy and hope from restriction. A spirit of re discovering the simple things in life, family values, taking forward the positives from Lockdown life. A new ‘look up’ generation will emerge, It's okay to revel and celebrate one of the defining challenges of our time… . ' Releasing 23rd March, marking the one year anniversary of the first lockdown

Those talented people of the Holophonics have released a fun version of music from the N64 classic game Banjo-Kazooie with some decidedly Cardiacs like chord structure amongst the ska rhythms.

New single released last Sunday by Bottle Rocket Kings out of New England - We Have Your Back (A Song For Matt). A slow upbeat tune to support their friend in his struggle against terminal cancer. A moving tune and a maturity has grown since their 2000 release Smokin Gun.

Fresh from their appearance on What Do You Know About Ska Punk Vol 5 is the new single 'Headphones' by Couching Distance. A happy, modern reggae tune. A really ditty with a lazy, chilled spoken vocal over the top. Really nice uplifting song about losing yourself in music. Nice. FFO Skatune Network

Ace new video from The Dughoose Ska Band. This song was released last year, but now has a cool video to go with it. An ace upbeat bouncer that many of us will relate to!

A defining theme from 2020/21 has got to be the collaborative approach. Artists desperate to record have found a channel in recording in isolation and getting clever people to mash all that collective stuff together. Based in San Diego are Smoke and Mirrors Sound System, a bunch of musicians from all over the world, came together with laptops and recording software to create a lovely reggae / rocksteady / dub slab. Amongst their ranks are: Victor Rice, Mike Park, Vee Sonnetts (The Crombies), Jayson Nugent (Slackers), Kevin Hewitt (Unsteady) and many more venerable artistes - this is top draw stuff. Check out their album, Strength In Numbers at

Last week we told you that the B side to the new Cartoon Violence song was quick and here's the proof! Recorded back in 2014 but only just seeing the light of day. Speeeeeed!

Next up - Kugler. Hailing from Hungary, this band are composed of the former bands Seventeen, Ska Tunes, HomoSKApiens and Derkovbois. Formed in 2019 and then forced to write and form their skills in pandemic time, they have a range of songs and the first two are released as an EP entitled A mi utcánk (Our Street). A tune full of 2-Tone / ska explosion energy! Very much looking forward to what these guys can do.

A break from the ska but... our good friends at Supertonic Sound Club have a very cool, oozing soul / Northern Soul vibed single. Let's Get Arrested b/w The Hump out today. Two superb but very different tracks. Let's Get Arrested would most certainly go down well at The Twisted Wheel and would have the talcum powder flying! A sound akin to That Driving Beat The Hump is a superb instrumental groove with swirling organ and a backing that really reminds me of the Wintergarten Marble Machine. A stunning return from the Dublin crew. Check out Let's Get Arrested:

Then go buy all their singles at:

Most of my week has been spent listening to the stupendous Blockbuster - A Tribute to Glam Rock from Specialized (see for all that stuff) and now turning my attention to the 135 track strong What Do You Know About Ska Punk Vol 5 compilation this week... might take me a while!

Finally - the new Do The Dog Skazine dropped through the letterbox yesterday was Issue 109 of the world’s longest running ska publication, Do The Dog Skazine! Once again Kevin Flowerdew (The Bakesys) have collected together all the latest global ska news & reviews for your reading pleasure. Make sure you don't miss your copy by subscribing for 4 issues here:

Inside issue 109 you will find stuff on: Death Of Guitar Pop, Boss Sound Manifesto, Happy People Records, The Dualers, Junior Bill, The Skapones, The Bighead, Ranking Jnr, The Simmertones, Andy B & The World, The Skandals, Cartoon Violence, Heavyball, The Skints, Spunge, D'Ska Assassins, Babylove & The Van Dangos, Cosmic Shuffling, The Tibbs, Autoklang, The Bluebeaters, Juantxo Skalari, Beer Beer Orchestra, The Downbeat Detonators, Skabara, Badasonic Records, Mr Review, Sir Jay & The Skatanauts, The Interrupters, Spy Kids, The Tellways, Less Than Jake, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Slackers, Lord Kooperman, The Porkers, Ednas Goldfish, Boomtown United, Rude City Riot, Omnigone, The Aggrolites, Beat Sunset, The Skajects, Anty, The Abruptors, The Far East, Space Chimp, Bite Me Bambi, The Marginados, Goldfinger, Five Iron Frenzy, Out Of Control Army & Flying Raccoon Suit!

I discovered so much music through DTD and it helped us build our ska library in the 90s.

In other news - new server acquired, Licensing for last year paid, Licensing for this year being acquired, funding being sought... not long now patient people. We will return this spring... like a 2Tone phoenix from the flames...

As ever - please support these awesome artists. Give us a follow on our Bandcamp collection

and subscribe to our YouTube channel at

Mr P

Feb 2021

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