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Downsetters Chainsaw Lullabies

The Downsetters – Chainsaw Lullabies - Grover - 2019


This is the 3rd release from the Ipswich based punky influenced ska outfit and the follow up to 2017's  The Asylum Hotel.

We are gradually introduced to Chainsaw Lullabies through the gentle organ sound of Error Code 404 which gives no hint as to what is in store for us as listeners. We then get introduced to the meat of the album via Plastic Fantastic with its fantastic descending brass section motif which runs throughout the song and already the toes are a-tapping as they rue a scene which has changed over the years. Mr H takes centre stage with a toasting lyrical style. A nice little playful dig at UB40 before we launch into the cool, rumbling Regeneration (see video below), which we have been playing for a while on Button Down Radio.

The voice over introductions give the album an almost dystopian concept album feel and serves to give the whole album continuity. Cool Down is a call to the youth to literally cool down and put down their knives. A very current and relevant theme. The next track ‘Downtown’ we have playing you for well over a year now – an upbeat skanker with a refrain from Petula Clark’s original chorus – but that’s where the comparisons end.  A subject we are very familiar with and a stark warning about the decline of our High Streets.

The menacing guitar on Dodge The Bullet draws you in after the Commercial Break(down) before the bouncing trombone line lightens the mood. El Chupa Cabra is one of the songs that just ‘catches you’ when in the car. A slack drum beat pulls the song along with that great brass sound and a lyrical style that for some reason makes me think of Ghost Town. The penultimate track – Bullshit Bingo has a late 70s reggae vibe. A clever, thoughtful dig at the press and our politicians with a haunting melodica playing in the background. The final track ‘Chainsaw Lullabies’ is a guaranteed crowd pleaser – more than a respectful nod to The Business makes this an instant sing along tune.

This truly is ska for a new generation. The Downsetters take the energy of 2-Tone, mix in some tempo and rhythms from the end of the 3rd wave and this is certainly pushing the 4th wave of ska. Plenty to sing along to, a commentary on the state of 21st Century Britain with its intelligent and thought provoking lyrics

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Mr P - - May 2019

The Downsetters Downtown Single Cover
Downsetters logo
Chainsaw Lullabies Cover

Bombskare – A Million Ways To Die - 2019


Bombskare play fast, infectious ska. Probably one of the most exhausting gigs I’ve been to; trying to keep with their frenetic, skanking pace! The 9 piece band hail from Scotland and have been around for about 10 years. They have released a couple of singles / EPs, namely Straight To Tape and Toxic. They first came to our attention via the stupendous 2016 Trembling Earth compilation where they contributed Crime of The Century, Mr Undiplomatic and the phenomenal Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? taken from their debut 2013 album - The Day The Earth Stood Stupid. Throw into that their 2016 BBC award for Britain’s Best Part Time Band and we get the feeling we have something a bit good here.


Back story done and on to their new album - ‘A Million Ways To Die’

The cover nods to the James Bond franchise and you know something exciting is coming. The album launches with the fast paced See What You See and you are already up and skanking! The brass section on this track is absolutely on point. One of the many things that works well for Bombskare is the layering of vocals and this is certainly true of the opening track. We then come to the first single lifted from the album – the superb Slow Lane. A change of pace and we are gradually pulled into this ace track. An uplifting track about living life how you want – the slow section in the middle works superbly and gives you a brief respite from your inevitable skanking. Wanna Be Famous begins like a broadway number with a great, dirty sax drawing you into the first verse and beyond. Cakegate and Sink or Swim follow next and both well crafted tunes with sing a long choruses. Just Another One is an absolute ripper and kicks off at quite a pace before slowing down to a Specials like staccato statement reminiscent of Do The Dog. Then comes the Title track – A Million Ways To Die – a complex track with so many parts it’s hard to keep up with. The longest song on the album, clocking in at just under 5 minutes – and the time is filled completely. An absolute monster of a track with tempo changes – a really wouldn’t advise driving whilst this is on. Or at least make sure you know where the speed cameras are!


No Matter What reminds us of the feel of the debut album (no bad thing) – an upbeat floor shaker to get you moonstomping. The pace doesn’t relent for Punchline, with its great interplay between the vocals and a really familiar sounding chorus. Previous Ways slows everything down as a rolling bass line soothes the ears with that fantastic overlaid vocals thing that Bombskare are the masters of. And then we’re back to it with Bad To Worse – a Featured This Week track twice so far. The final track – Keep Getting Up really works as a final track. It draws the album to an appropriate close. Just listen and you’ll get what we mean.

How to summarise? Well this a complex, upbeat skanker that will have you smiling from start to finish. Well worth the six year wait since the debut album and every track is guaranteed to be be a crowd pleaser live. This just goes to show that Scottish ska scene (along with bands like Capone and The Bullets, Big Fat Panda and Urang Matang to name but a few) is up and skanking the the best of them. If you haven’t seen them yet – DO! So much live energy and it transfers well to their recorded sound. In this 40th year of 2-Tone this sits well and is a worthy addition to what is already a sensational year for ska.

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Mr P - - March 2019

Bombskare - A Million Ways To Die
Bombskare Slow Lane Single
Forth Road Bridge Credit Lee Howell Phot

The Beat Feat. Ranking Roger – Public Confidential - DMF - 2019

We are grateful that we have this album at all, with the worrying year that Ranking Roger has had. We haven’t heard anything from The Beat since 2016’s Bounce. Bounce was a real shake up of Roger’s skanking sounds and has got to be one of the best albums of the 21st century so far. No pressure on this one then!

It is fitting and testament to Ranking Roger’s exuberant and positive mindset that this album is released on the 40th anniversary of 2-Tone.

Public Confidential starts strongly with their first single from the album – Maniac. Never one to shy from politics, this is a call to arms to all of us: May-niac perhaps? Chico Hamilton’s sax is superb and is hugely reminiscent of the much missed Saxa’s playing. The title track comes hard on Maniac’s feet and this sounds more like a track from Bounce with its undulating sound.

But then comes the second single: Who’s Dat Looking and we are right back to 1980 and this could have easily been a follow up single to Mirror in the Bathroom. Classic Beat guaranteed to get you skanking round the room. The pace drops for On The Road with an almost Twenty One Pilots-esque keyboard intro into the familiar rolling bass and the use of Roger’s voice as his baritone echo in the chorus works to a T. A personal reflection of Ranking Roger’s and Ranking Junior’s life on tour. Nice.

We travel through the similarly paced Dangerous before the sax takes us into the mid-paced Long Call Short Talk with the characteristic strolling verse and bouncing chorus structure that the Beat do so well. Then an out and out reggae tune – Giving It Up with a social comment on the materialistic driven view of the world where possession doesn’t change who you are. The tempo increases again into the uplifting A Good Day For Sunshine. Skank Away features Roger’s son, Ranking Jr toasting, supported by daughter Saffren’s vocals – a true family affair. The album closes with the brass driven Civilisation. Despite the upbeat front, this is a dark warning of how we can be manipulated by the civil IA.

Intelligent lyrics which make you reflect on the current state of affairs; a musically complex, rich sound; a worthy follow up to Bounce and a bar set high for others to try and reach in the remainder of the year. Great album and we wish Ranking Roger all the best and hope for a speedy recovery. More Life.

Released 25th January 2019 as download, CD and 3 types of vinyl.

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Mr P - - January 2019


The Beat Public Confidential
The Beat Public Confidential Cover

Rantanplan - Stay Rudel Stay Rebel - Drakkar Entertainment - 2019

Here's a little review we wrote for the fantastic Metal magazine Sentinel Daily (which you can see here - )

Rantanplan have been on the German ska-punk scene for almost a quarter of a century and this is their 10th release since their debut - Kein Schulterklopfen released on BA records. This five piece outfit has changed significantly over the years. with only the singer Torben Meissner remaining as a founding member of the band. The first time I heard them was on Grover record’s 1998 release ‘up Your Ears Vol 2 and despite the lineup changes, the sound is still the hard edged, rhythmic ska-core that grabbed the attention instantly.

Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel kicks off with the self-named title track and is a pretty formulaic, hard edged ska track with a good sing-along chorus, but nothing too groundshaking. But then we come to the second track – interestingly entitled Foodporn. The rumbling bass pulls this beast of a track along before breaking down into a staccato first verse. As it reaches the chorus, it blasts into a sound that would not sound out of place on the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Let’s Face It album with a well placed, subtle horn section in the background. Surely a single contender here! It is difficult to engage lyrically with my limited knowledge of German as the whole album is sung in German. At first this put me off, but this album really is a grower. The next two tracks storm through with Maschine sat awkwardly within this album. An Aus caught me completely off-guard. A stormer of a street punk song in juxtaposition to the earlier tracks. This is the fastest song and I’m sure will quickly become a favourite in the pit at live shows.

The second half of the album has a completely different pace and feel. Here the ska pushes to the fore and the punk takes a more supporting role. Nachtzug nach Paris is again an early Bosstones influenced sound enhanced by a touch of melodica in there. Rantanplan really do choruses well and this track is no exception. Partytrick is the most blatantly ska song on the album and is guaranteed to get you singing along with the chorus (not an easy feat to achieve in a foreign language album). Rudegirl has a really nice 70s British reggae guitar sound and a different singing style from Meissner adds yet another layer of interest and variety to the album. The next track is cleverly positioned. The bass, drums and horns recreate the same tempo of Rudegirl before the pace quickens and launches into Kill den Spiegel. Not quite ska-core but rather a hard edged ska song with good use of the horn section.  The album closes with a stripped down acoustic track which actually works really well and draws the album to a natural close.

An album truly of two halves – an upbeat ska punker for the first half, whilst the ska pushes through on the second half. Maybe not an instant grabber, but an album that grows and develops over a few listens. An accomplished piece that maintains Rantanplan’s place at the top of the German ska-core scene.

Released 25/01/18 on CD and a limited run of 500 units on coloured vinyl

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Mr P - - January 2019

Rantanplan Stay Rudel
Rantanplan Stay Rudel Stay Rebel
Rantanplan ©Michael Raadts
Passive Aggressive by Cartoon Violence album cover
Cartoon Violence Passive Aggressive
cartoon violence

Cartoon Violence - Passive Aggressive - Megalith Records - 2018

We first heard of Cartoon Violence 10 years ago when they released their debut album ‘Whatever Happened To The Likely lads’; a piano driven, upbeat ska album from the Welsh combo which we have played daily on BDR.

And now, in 2019, we are treated to their 3rd release – Passive Aggressive. The album launches with the full paced Insincere. Driven by Milky’s menacing,  twanging guitar before the uplifting chorus changes as Jason ‘Chuzz’ Childs’ characteristic piano playing comes to the fore. What a way to start an album! Before you get a chance to recover, it’s straight into the superb Serpico. Now we’ve been playing you Serpico since 2017 which tells you how long this album has been in development – and the quality of the songs and sound is testament to this. Social Animal is a beautifully crafted song and Chuzz’s Barsonesque piano carries this one, with a little more than a nod to Madness’s Sun and the Rain.

A welcome addition to the lineup, is the soulful voice of (ex Smoke Like a Fish member) Sash who adds an extra layer to this already complex, rich sound. This is highlighted at this stage in the proceedings in the lamenting Annie. A slower, more rocksteady tinged track where Chuzz and Sash complement each other perfectly via Chuzz’s intelligent lyrics. The pace then picks up again with a BDR favourite Much Ado About Nothing – Sash gets her chance to fully shine and her silky voice really brings this rolling track together with Chuzz this time supporting supporting in the chorus. The organ sound is reminiscent of early Hotknives and pushes forward parts of this amazing song. And then we are straight into the rolling bass of Amnesia which owes some of its sound to Madness through Chuzz’s piano driven sound. Black Cat is an acoustic track which sits really nicely before the driving, fast paced Out With The Old. The whole album draws to a close with ‘Annie ‘You Don’t Know Me’ (Tinkerman mix). This track is mixed by Specialized’s very own Paul Ayriss who Produced The Skapones album. It doesn’t seem to quite fit with rest of the album with its slower paced, dubby feel - but is a superb chill out track in its own right.

In summary – this has been along time coming and the band has matured and developed over this time to produce a first class, modern, British ska masterpiece. For fans of Madness’ more ska songs, the soulful sound of The Hotknives and well… anyone who loves ska. It’s taken us so long to review it because we weren’t sure if we really, really liked it or loved it.

Out now on Megalith Records

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Mr P - - January 2019

Do The Dog Ska-A-Go-Go! Compilation by Various Artists – Do The Dog Music - 2018

Mr Flowerdew has been at it again! If you didn't know... Do The Dog is one of, if not, THE longest running ska zine on the planet. Through Do the Dog Music, there have been a series of ace compilations bringing new ska sounds to the masses and this release is no exception. Unlike the other editions, this one is download only via Bandcamp.

It kicks off with the upbeat 'Be Free' by Boston's Doped Up Dollies - featuring the vocal stylings of Coolie Ranx (Pilfers and The Toasters) We love ths track so much, it has been our first choice for our Featured This Week section. Then it goes to an artist who - somehow - we have not encountered before...Ed Rome. His track, 'The Hype' is the low-fi dirty reggae that we crave! The rest of the compilation wends its way through a range of different ska stylings from the Death of Guitar Pop-esque The Pomps, the 4th Wave sounds of Peg and The Rejected, a great rocksteady acoustic track from the Chris Murray Combo and some absolute corkers from The Toasters, Cartoon Violence and The Downsetters. Great to hear some new bands alongside some more well established artists. Always nice to hear a bit o Bakesys too!

An eclectic mix of 20 bands who reflect the current worldwide ska scene for only a fiver! You also get to support the fantastic Do The Dog Skazine too! Click on stuff and download the album and subscribe to the zine.

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Mr P - - September 2018

Do The Dog Ska-A-Go-Go
Do The Dog Ska-A-Go-Go compilation
More Bakesys

More Bakesys by The Bakesys – Do The Dog Music - 2017

Mr Flowerdew and crew have been on the scene a goodly few years and have pushed the UK ska scene more than most through the fantastic Do The Dog Music Franchise.

It’s been a while since we last heard something new from The Bakesys so we were excited to receive their latest offering. A laid back, chilled out feeling pervades this 5 track mini album from start to end with a slight feeling of menace from the lyrics.

It starts with the bass driven Anything and Everything – a dystopian view of our country, reminiscent of Ghost Town and a clear message to our government to sort it out! This then moves into the melodica style (which I am an absolute sucker for) intro to If You Ain’t Got It (You’ll Never Get It). A smart riposte to Desmond Dekker’s You Can Get It If You Really Want in a similar rhythmic style to the first track. It transfers superbly from track 1 and gets you into a nice chilled vibe. Track 3 lifts the tempo with the highlight of the album for us: Your 10ft Smile. That rolling bass, just helps this track smoothly trundle along with a warning to watch those who would cheerfully deceive you. A regular player on Button Down Radio now. The pace increases again for When The Zombies Come, a fun song on how to survive the zombie apocalypse (or maybe a warning on how to cope with what our government are doing to us…) with a keen keyboard riff driving the tune forward. Finally (sadly – I could do with another two tracks!) a rolling deep bass introduces No Time For Counting Sheep which sounds great in the car at the volume that the neighbours can enjoy. A stark observation of how isolated we can become under the pressures of the modern working world. 

If you are a fan of In The Studio by The Special AKA this really is an essential addition to your library. Looking forward to further releases by The Bakesys if this is the stuff that we can expect. Nice one Flowerdew and friends! 

Get yourself a copy at (Click the link to the left to get a copy for yourself)

Thus ends our first ever review. What do we think? Was it any good? Was it useful? Was it a complete waste of time? Too critical? Not critical enough? 

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Mr P - - December 2017

More Bakesys
DOGP 69 Candy St

Here we go with our second ever review!

Death of Guitar Pop – 69 Candy Street – Ska Club Essex - 2017


If you haven’t heard anything by Death of Guitar Pop – where have you been? How to sum them up… take a large dose of 2-Tone, throw in a dash of Blur, a sprinkling of The Rumble Strips, a background education from Madness, the Trojan school of Jamaican reggae and Ian Dury’s wit and you won’t be far off. Mates Jonny and Silky are well and truly kicking off the 4th wave of ska with 69 Candy Street – a more accessible entry to ska for newcomers and established moonstompers alike.

The album starts with the title track 69 Candy Street. We are introduced to Silky’s cheeky Essex infused vocals which reminds me of a young Phil Daniels for some reason. A bouncing starter which kicks things off nicely. Then we get the delight that is Suburban Ska Club featuring top toasting from the 2-Tone legend Mr Neville Staple! Has to have some of the best lines going out there – ‘I’m off me rocker!’ ‘I wanna hear skinhead reggae all night long!’ An instant classic and dance hall floor filler. Welcome Back is swiftly followed by a sublime cover of The Melodians’ rocksteady classic – Sweet Sensation. Next up, the angular Madness and Blur influenced Mike the Landlord; good to have a song with a story like the Nutty Boys do so well. The highlight of the album has to Rickety Old Train – seriously, this is the most infectious modern ska song you will here this far in this century. The influence of Damon Albarn’s Blur pervades the latter half of the album (no bad thing!) until we arrive at the huge Whatever Gets You Out The House – an offbeat treat of a track to get you bouncing around. The album ends with the chilled out musings of I Don’t Believe In Magic Any More.

Definitely an album of two halves, where Brit pop meets 2-Tone and gives the ska genre a serious and welcomed shake up.

Get your hands on a copy direct from Silky at WWW.SKACLUBESSEX.BIGCARTEL.COM

Mr P - – December 2017

Death of Guitar Pop 69 Candy Street
Death of Guitar Pop Suburban Ska Club
Death of Guitar Pop Rickety Old Train

The Skapones - Cradle To Grave - Cosa Nostra Records - 2018

We waited a little while for this one and we're not disappointed. Formed in 2013 in Darlington, the Skapones have gathered a decent following and have shared stages with the likes of Roddy Radiation, Bad Manners and The Hotknives to name a few.

They have released a couple of EPs prior to the album - The Tommy Gun EP and Rudy's Return.

2018 sees the release of their first full album - Cradle To Grave. Regular listeners will already know two of the tracks; The upbeat From Cradle to Grave and Betrayal of Trust. A shame that the hauntingly moving The Ghost In Me isn't on there, but the album doesn't suffer from its lack of presence. All three singles charted highly in the UK Reggae Charts and all three are very strong singles.

The album starts with the superb The Rolling Years - a nice bit of nostalgia and one of the strongest tracks on the album. There is a cool 2-Tone vibe to the album and it keeps reminding me of The Hotknives with it's poignant and socially charged lyrics. The two singles stand out within the album and are well scattered amongst the other tracks. A nice appearance from Roddy Radiation on JB's Body, while Redhead Girl lightens the mood as a bouncing ska song. The whole album concludes with the live favourite Skapones a Go Go to end on a top skanking note.

In a nutshell - a corking 2-Tone influenced album, which highlights some hard hitting social themes that will have your toes tapping and at least one ear worm that will stay in your head all day long.

Check them out at - 

Mr P - August 2018

Skapones Cradle to Grave
Skapones Cradle To Grave
Skapones From Cradle To Grave Single
Skapones Betrayal of Trust Single
Skapones The Ghost In Me Single

Rude Rebels featuring Roddy Radiaion by Neville and Sugary Staple  - Cleopatra Records - 2018 

Do not expect a straight up ska record – this is much, much more. A journey through ska, rocksteady, dancehall and ragga fills this release with variety. With the 40th anniversary of 2-Tone almost upon us, this is a timely release from Neville Staples (the legendary toaster with The Specials) and Sugary Staples, ably assisted by the rockabilly, punky guitar sound of Roddy Radiation (also The Specials alumni).

If you have caught the Neville Staple band on the last tour, then you know exactly what you are getting. This album captures the live sound superbly and has an atmosphere from the Gangsters Specials era with the biggest bass sound to make my car tremble for many a moon.

It kicks off with the first single, Rebel Down – a punky, ska ripper that when it starts reminds me of the intro to Romper Stomper (the song NOT the film!) by Transplants, which tells us this is going to be a little different; echoes of the original 2-Tone punk/ska sound. A musically hard-edged message to the critics of the subculture. Sugary takes the lead vocals superbly on the album, with Neville as the toastmaster!

The rest of the album is a more melodic, ska and reggae infused affair with treats like Girl and Boy and its alluring string breaks. Wrong Shoes explores the theme of homelessness with a bouncing horn section, while Original Rudegirl Sound is guaranteed to get you singing along – a live favourite for sure. Why Oh Why and Woulda Coulda Shoulda (a regular chant in High Wycombe in the late 90s) transports me right back to Trinidad with its dancehall feel and Neville’s unyielding toasting.

I guarantee that, with three listens of this album you will be singing along with a grin on your face. Good stuff – available from the usual sources. The vinyl is a bit nice too!

You can buy direct from Cleopatra Records (click the button below) or it will be available from your usual outlets. Please go to your local independent music emporium and get them to get a few copies in. Support your local record shop!

Mr P - - September 2018

Rude Rebels poster.jpg
Lovely vinyl
Neville & Sugary Staple - Rude Rebels (c
Splatter Vinyl
Neville & Sugary Staple


Specialized Records 2018

Where to start? Okay – The Specialized Project was set up in 2011 by Paul Williams (from The Skapones) to raise funds for young people and young adults suffering from cancer or in difficult circumstances. Paul has worked closely with The Specials and written two books about them. The Specialized project combines Paul’s love of ska with his passion for improving the lives of those less fortunate – supporting: Teenage Cancer Trust, Tonic Music for Mental Health (Terry Hall is a patron), Youth Music and CanTeen Australia. Surely that’s enough of a reason to buy the CD set right?

Oh – you need more? This is the 7th in series of outstanding compilations from amateur and professional artists. Each album follows a theme (previous episodes include Madness, The Clash, Bob Marley…) This year – celebrating 50 years of Trojan Records – features covers of tunes from the original ska era.

For us the 4 CD set (YES – 4CDs – 70 tracks for £16! That’s about 23p a track!) starts super strongly (new word coming to a dictionary soon) with King Hammond – long term Specialized contributor, one man ska factory and ex Bad Manners member’s cover of Niney and The Observer’s Blood and Fire in the way that only King Hammond can. The rest of the first CD is so strong with stand out contributions from: Captain Accident and the Disasters; Oreskabands upbeat version of Jimmy Cliff’s Wonderful World, Beautiful People; The Hempolics chilled out version of Fu Manchu; The Funaddicts and the first disc concludes with Heavensbee’s bass driven version of Dark End of the Street.

CD 2 kicks off with a great boogie woogie piano driven version of the Liquidator (I get visions of Snoopy skanking along to this one – seriously, listen to it and you’ll get what I mean). Amongst the gems on this disc are: The Stiff Joints horn driven Arte Bella; Arthur Kay & The Clerks (always a treat); Ireland’s own The Hacklers providing a Hammond organ heavy Dracula; The Skapones re-working of Laurel Aitken’s Sahara; The Tonic Allstars 2-Tone reimagining of Police and Thieves with the disc closing with our favourite ska originator Stranger Cole in an interesting collaboration with jazz-fusion outfit Akash.

Disc 3 picks up the pace again with Juantxo Skalari & La Rude Band’s  Hooligan – truly infectious. The tracks wend through upbeat skankers and mellow rocksteady versions of some of your favourite Trojan tunes. Every one is a killer but then we come across a cluster of smilers – Decatonics, followed by The Splitters, then Dubious Roots and then Erin Bardwell Collective’s reggaefied version of John Jones. It’s enough to make you dizzy! The disc culminates with The Bertha’s sublime Soul Rebel and an acoustic version of Tonight with the soulful voice of Billy Brown.

Surely Disc 4 can’t be any better can it? Okay let’s see – The Trojans, Jamaikarta, Big Fat Panda, Peter Azzopardi, Freedom Ska Band. Erm… that’s not exactly bad is it! This is probably the most varied disc in the set with a big guitar sound from The Full Pledge Munkees, Bulky Matron’s fuzzy I Love The Reggae, Long John Silver’s electronic re-working of Elizabethan Reggae reminds me of Blob From Outer Space. The eclectic disc.

Let’s try and sum this all up. Almost FOUR AND A HALF hours of outstanding ska on 4 discs with superb artwork and liner notes. Artists worldwide contributing for an amazing cause. Artists you know and love already and other artists you soon will. FOR SIXTEEN QUID!

Releases Wednesday 26th September 2018

Mr P - September 2018

Specialized BOSS
big one 7.jpg
Specialized 7 banner.jpg
Specialized 7 cover.jpg
Specialized 7 4 discs.jpg
The Big One 7
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