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The Skapones - Live EP

Skapones fans were given a little Christmas treat in the form of a Live EP for free. This was only for subscribers and a right little beauty it is too.

Paying homage to their heroes The Specials, the cover hints at their Live EP and makes us realise just how much we miss live music. Skapones gigs are a lively fun affair and this comes across so well on the EP.

The first track - Cost of a Barrel - is an old song of theirs that they are thinking of revisiting (the demo has a certain Lynval Golding on it!) A social comment on the state of the world today with reference to the awful Manchester Ariane Grande bombing.

Second track is a Button Down favourite - the Rolling Years. This appeared originally on 2018's Cradle To Grave album and is a belter live.

Third comes their cover of Laurel Aitken's Sahara which they recorded for Specialized 7's Boss set.

And finally, the glorious cover Pearl's Cafe by The Specials - always a treat and a proper good knees up. Stacks of energy on this release.

So great to hear their live sound again and a whetting of the appetite for the forthcoming Northern Gods album.

Make sure that you sign up for their mailing list at as they do look after their fans!

Mr P

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