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Spy Kids New Album - Covert Action

Ska Explosion fans alert! New album burning with post 2-Tone energy.

Spy Kids from San Diego had a relatively short career in 1990 before they separated to find themselves as members of Flogging Molly, Unwritten Law, Buck-O-Nine, Unsteady, Deal's Gone Bad and Pivit. That's a pretty cool heritage. Before the band's demise, they managed to record a 4 track demo tape.

Fast forward to 2018 and a chance meeting got the band talking again and they decided to re-record the original demo tape plus a couple of covers and a new track.

The album has that Unicorn Records, post 2-Tone - ska explosion feel which harkens back to the late 80s / early 90s. The original tracks have a fast pace to them that will please those of us who remember the sound of that era. Carousel, as you would expect, is a whirlwind affair with a cracking brass section stabbing away behind the rhythm section. A couple of cool covers - Prince Buster's Judge Dread (featuring skate legend Ron Allen!) and Jimmy Cliff's Harder They Come. The new track 'Wrong Number' is a neat reggae vibed track that sits nicely on the A side. Overall, a good way to spend 25 minutes.

For fans of - 2 Tone, The Toasters, The Donkey Show, Let's Go Bowling

Available on red or white vinyl or CD from

Mr P

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