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Ska-line - round up of the ska news 24th Jan 2021

Snow? Looks like we have a ton of it in the UK. Stay safe - Stay Home - Listen to SKA!

Orquestra Brasileira de Música Jamaicana (OBMJ) have released much of their back catalogue on Bandcamp ahead of their new single 'Go!' releasing Feb 1st. The band hail from Sao Paolo in Brazil and pay tribute to Jamaican music in versions of Brazilian music classics in ska, reggae and rocksteady versions all with a flavour of Central and Southern American rhythms.

New Neville Staple and Sugary Single

Be Free Baby follows the stylings of Rude Rebels (How can that be 3 years old already?) Shared vocals with Nevile's characteristic toasting over an easy skanking beat. Released on Pickout Records.

Sugar Ants from Washington DC teased us by releasing some raw demo tracks from their forthcoming release. Now these demos are down and dirty organ driven numbers that will have fans of Mango Wood and Traveller's All Stars whetting their appetite. The lo-fi sound harkens back to the late 60s sound is a great promise of things to come.

Scandinavian stalwarts Babylove and the Van Dangos dropped a new single - the first since The Golden Cage Master, which - you will recall - was released a track at a time across the whole of 2019. Check it out below:

Out very soon is the new single from The Rocksteady Conspiracy - Darling's Kiss. Beautiful Bouncing Rocksteady. Previously released as a physical copy at gigs and one shop in Vienna! It is a beautiful song and gets us in the mood for spring! Releases Feb '21

Also - sneakily working its way onto Bandcamp are the Specialized CDs. If you have not encountered these before (where have you been?) Specialized run the best festival in the South (at least) THE BIG ONE. A 3 day charity event in Dorset, brining together a phenomenal line-up of the ska world, raising thousands of pounds for Teenage Cancer Trust, TONIC and Youth Music. Each year Paul and Paul put together an incredible CD set of artists from all over the globe, covering songs from a theme. It's NOT a straight forward covers album - the bands have to put their own spin on it or they don't make it on. So far on Bandcamp you can get the first 3 - themes are 1 Specials, 2 The Beat, 3 Madness and a Wolfman special of Madness songs. A truly unique project. But what we are excited about is... after last year's cancelled event due to COVID and the government's promise to have all adults vaccinated by September... THE BIG ONE 10 HAS A GOOD CHANCE OF BEING ON! Tickets and accommodation already booked. LET's GO!

And finally this week... Brad 'The Manor' Turner has got to be one of the hardest working men on the scene right now. There is rarely a day when a track doesn't drop into our mailbox (often followed a day or two later by another version where he has tweaked the mix) He has collaborated with artists like Apache Indian, UB40's Brian Travers, Natasha Marie and Roddy Radiation Byers and has collected together 15 of his ska / reggae / dub tracks into one place on Manor Vibes for your convenience. At under 50p per track, it's damn good value!

Well that about wraps up this week's ska news - Keep an eye on our Bandcamp collection. Each week we trawl the endless tunnels of BC to sort the wheat from the chaff and bring you the best music at subscribe / follow if you like to not miss out.

Mr P

Jan 2021

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