• Mr P

Ska-Line Round up of the Global Ska Scene 21st February 2021

Whilst we await the next version of our escape plan from COVID here's what's going on in the ska scene!

Due soon - the new split single from The Skapones and Detroit Riddim Crew on Cosa Nostra Records. The Skapones track - Eyes of a Child. DRC - Look Around.

Last time Detroit Riddim Crew hosted The Skapones on the Do Something / Girl Inside split EP. This time, it's The Skapones hosting. There really is no such thing as a typical Skapones single is there. And again they break any mould that starts to form around them. At just a shade under 6 minutes long, this is never going to be a 100mph skanker but this is no slouch of a tune. The extra time gives the tune time to develop and grow. From their press release: 'we are given deep and insightful lyrics that remain direct yet ambiguous, to achieving awareness, to life lessons to awakenings, all delivered in a sharp crisp arrangement and tune bursting with 2Tone-esque rhythms, great brass riffs and harmonious melody from the North east skankers whilst showcasing all their major influences yet remaining highly original.'

I think that Cartoon Violence are setting some kind of record for the most mentions on the BDR blog as Chuzz lends his ivory tinkling talents and Carlos Russell from Malambo Ska adds to the percussive battalion. Thought provoking and imminently danceable, this gives us a sneaky insight into what we may experience in the eagerly awaited second Skapones album - Northern Gods.

On the flipside, we get what I thing is the best Detroit Riddim Crew track yet. Look Around is superbly catchy number with an easy laid back feel. A ska influenced tune after last year's Fight For Your Rights / Falling Down (Another jewel in the DRC crown) which had a much more dubby feel. This complements the Skapones track superbly.

Sneaky Skapones teaser here:

Available on digital and luvverly red vinyl (no firm date due to delays after lockdowns etc. - it will be worth the wait.) Keep a cautious eye on for ordering when it lands, It will go quick as only limited numbers available!


A goodly few singles released this week / soon including a new single from Half Past Two - All About You - a light bouncing track of love and stuff, full of she-bop she-bops and most of all, it really is track full of sunshine and just makes you feel great.