• Mr P

Ska-Line A Round Up of The Global Ska Scene 23rd May 2021

Been living with the new Bim Skala Bim album for a couple of weeks now. Sonic Tonic is the Boston outfit's 13th album and it is a belter. From the off, the sound is characteristically BSB but something different about it. It's taken a while but it's the production which lifts this album above its predecessors. Another sweetener is the fact that the whole album has been gifted to The Specialized Project to raise much needed funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust and will be launched May 30th. Stand out tracks for me are Loon - a down and dirty groover, Lightning (last week's Featured This Week track) upbeat and infectious, Paul Ayriss from Specialized under his pen name of the Tinkerman also features with a cool mix of the songs - a nice touch indeed. Keep an eye on the Specialized page for the launch party.

Also out last week was the new Voodoo Glow Skulls album. The band have undergone a few changes over the past few years and there are some who miss Frank Casillas' vocals but I think that Efrem Schulz has filled the boots well. Chatting with someone the other day I likened it to the difference between AC/DC's Bon Scott and Brian Johnson - both great vocalists for their genre but slightly different without distracting from the original sound.

Anyway - I digress- Livin' the Apocalypse is freaking awesome! Hard, heavy and impossible to sit still to. Right from the off Make America Skank Again hits you with an aural juggernaut and the pace doesn't let up in Generation Genocide. The title track has more of a Who Is This... vibe but our absolute favourite is All In My Head. The timing changes, the harmonies, the horn section, the anthemic chorus - classic VGS. Vinyl available at Epitaph Records or CDs releasing soon.

California's Mento Buru have put out a new 3 track EP - Renegade Fight Song - in 2 versions. One ska, one punk. It turns out that this is the Bakersfield College song written in the early 50s but given the MB treatment. A very cool 50s ska/jazz vibe to it too.