• Mr P

Ska-Line A Round Up Of The Global Ska Scene 14th March 2021 or..

Well to be honest, after Bandcamp Friday last week... it's been a bit quiet except for... BUTTON DOWN RADIO IS BACK ONLINE BABY!

As we celebrate our 5th birthday, we have finally gotten hold of licensing and broadcasting again. So stoked to once again be playing you the best in ska, rocksteady, Madness, 2-Tone, blue beat, early reggae, skinhead reggae, ska explosion, boss reggae, ska-punk, 3rd wave, ska-core, Northern Soul and a dash of Motown here and there on

With our new license, we are available in more territories including: UK, NETHERLANDS, MEXICO, GERMANY, SWEDEN, AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA, JAMAICA, GREECE, NEW ZEALAND, BELGIUM, HONG KONG, FINLAND, POLAND, ITALY & MALAYSIA. Get in touch if we are not broadcasting to your territory and we will see what we can do.

We started off back in 2016 as a frustrated teacher not being able to listen to anything at work other than mainstream broadcasting as education internet filters are set so high. There weren't many online ska stations at the time, so I decided to do my own one so I could hear my own music at work. Radionomy offered a free service, which was cool as my mates could listen too. Soon, people were discovering us and our listener base grew and grew. I started a Facebook page to connect with people and this also began to grow.

I made a quick logo using 2-Tone's Walt Jabsco and the famous Northern Soul fist and the letters BD. Just something to stick on the site to reflect the music we were playing.

Pretty soon, bands were getting in touch and offering us music to play. Absolutely stoked to hear from bands like The Fun Addicts, The Bionic Rats, Supertonic Sound Club, The Twilights, The Rough Kutz, King Hammond, The Launchers, The Downsetters, Erin Bardwell, The Specialized Project, Joker's Republic, The Downbeat Detonators, Jokerface, King Kong Girio, The Rocksteady Conspiracy, The Magnetics, The Skapones ... in fact this post could just be full of the fantastic musicians who have submitted the tunes that make the backbone of BDR.

We started with a base of trad ska from the Trojan / Treasure Isle / Studio One era and the first week or so that was all we played. We then added some 2-Tone as this was the first inkling we had of an off beat world. Next came the 3rd wave - this is when our love affair with ska began - through The Toasters, The Loafers, The Hotknives, Too Many Crooks and a burgeoning scene which we read about through Do The Dog Music skazine.