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New Tellways Album

Rocksteady fans heads up! The Tellways hail from Detroit and skilfully blend their Motown roots with a super smooth rocksteady sound. In 2019 they gave us their demo 'Closer To The Fire' which we played regularly. The new album 'Out To The Cosmos' features the whole demo re-recorded plus another 7 chilled tracks. Soulful female vocals over an accomplished rocksteady beat provide you with over half an hour of great tunes. Highlight of the album for us is Tellway Stomp, but the whole album is pretty solid. We loved the demo and the re-recording shows a maturity in sound. Every now and then I miss a little of the rawness that was in the demo but it doesn't detract from the album. Why not buy both and compare?

Vinyl drops March 2021 but digital is available now from


Mr P

Here is Let Me in from their demo to give you a flavour.

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