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New Big Fat Panda Single - Man In The Middle

Well that was a January wasn't it... February isn't looking too great either. What we need to cheer us up is a new Big Fat Panda EP! And lo, that is what we have!

The title Man In The Middle track is a mid paced ska party bopper. Fun and exactly what you expect from BFP. Never a bad thing by any stretch! Great to hear Andy (complete with short hair!) singing again.

People Watching is quite mean and moody for the Panda's. One of my favourite things is watching people (not in a creepy way) and this is all about people at airports. So relatable and can't help but smile: 'travel zombies clutching giant toblerones' Hah - Love it!

Finally - Uncle Deidre. A fun aside at the joys of our wonderful, quirky families. A phased, Culture Shockesque guitar adds to the slightly off centre feel to the song. Hugely entertaining... 'giant hands like shovels, he look more like a Mr than a Miss'. This has to be based on a real family member with an affirming message of be what you want.

I'll let Alex tell you a bit about the single - 'The line-up for the Pandas has changed a bit since our debut album 'It's Oot!' in 2016 - Alex R (that's me!) now on Bass, Martin on drums and Kat on trumpet. With this new line-up the plan was to go into the studio last year and record our second album, but Covid sh*t all over that plan... Thankfully there was a little window of opportunity back in November to get into Chambers Studio in Edinburgh and lay a few tracks down, so we made the decision to record an EP so that there was still some music getting out there. These tracks were supposed to be on the album, and some might still feature. With restrictions we took it in turns to go into the Studio, and drafted in ex-Bombskare bassist Joe Burden so that I could jump on guitar in Deek's absence (he played a huge part in the writing of the songs, but with restrictions etc couldnt get in to the studio). Our keys player who lives a bit further afield sent in his keys parts from home and the guys at the studio worked their magic and made it all sound as if he was there recording with us. (Special shout-out to Chambers, they've been a huge help in working round all the restrictions, and putting up with all our mix edits via email!). Honestly, it was a stress, but we got there ha ha.'

It releases Friday 5th February on Bandcamp. Hopefully once restrictions lift and stuff gets moving again, we'll get some of the luvverly vinyl and some more Merch. A true tonic for the winter blues. Great job Pandas!

Mr P

Feb 2021

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