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Do The Dog Ska A Go Go Vol 3 - the best compilation of 2021

Alright - new compilation alert!

Do The Dog is the world's longest running ska zine - now spanning 5 decades of ska information and this guy knows his stuff!

DTD have put out several compilations in this time and every one is a belter and we have bought many, many CDs from this mighty organisation. When they release a compilation, you take notice!

So what do you get - well for a measly £10 you get 45 tracks from the past few years. EVERY TRACK is a stone cold killer cut of the modern ska scene.

Straight from the off we are treated to the hottest property around with a track from Bad Operation and that kinda sets the scene really. Stand out tracks from The Simmertones, Wasted Youth, Detroit Riddim Crew, King Kong 4, The Skapones, Boomtown United and of course The Bakesys. Each track is expertly chosen and covers the range of the ska genre (purists look away now - the term 'ska' is used here to encompass everything from mento to ska core and, dare I say it, 'new tone') We could be here all day with me extolling the virtues of each band on this collection!

If you have ever listened to Button Down Radio, you will have heard many of these tracks. A really neat compilation to have on your phone to educate people about our music. Far better than - you know Madness? Well... we've all been there right?

Some of our absolute favourite tracks from the past few years are on here including Wasted Youth by Stop the Presses and Out With The Old by Cartoon Violence. Damn, I could probably name check every single track as they are so good!

By purchasing this album, you are helping Do The Dog to keep going and keeping us up to date with what goes on. Go get it from

Not getting your regular editions of Do The Dog? Sign up at


Mr P

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