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Andy B and The World - The First One The Biggest Album in the World?

Where do you start with an album like this?

Let's hit up the positive vibe first... this album raises much needed funds for

Centrepoint –

Music For All –

So go buy it.

End of review...

Oh, you want more? Okay - we have previously whetted your appetite for the album at so I'm not going to go through all that again. 172 artists, super group, modern ska legends, ska punk, awesome... you know.

So let's focus on the music - this is a masterclass in ska/punk, folk, ska, punk, rock

Let's go:

01 – Black & Blue - we were treated to a pre-release of this waaaaaay back in 2017 (yes, this is a labour of love that has taken a LONG time to reach fruition) and a version featured on the What Do You Know About Ska Punk Vol 2 compilation ( so we are on familiar territory here. Upbeat - big singalong chorus and punchy horn section.

02 – Somethings Out - the folk's to the fore for the count in before those horns come in and guitar that characterises new tone. An a