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Ska-Line A Round Up of The Global Ska Scene 7th June 2021

Updated: Jun 8

A bit late this week - midweek edition!

Let's kick off with BDR stalwarts The Bakesys. This band has quite the heritage from Bakesys Midday Joggers (a fun play on the Dexys monicker) circa 1991 through The Bakesys and More Bakesys... the thing that stands out is that every release has a different sound. 2019s Golden Slices of Brown Toast gave us an indication of their new direction featuring samples and some top mixing integrating advertising and soundbites to some top skanking soundtracks.

And so their latest release Sentences I'd Like To Hear The End Of is... impossible to pigeon hole. A fantastic concept - taking key events in recent history and using footage of news reports to introduce each song. Be it stomping with Neil Armstrong or not catching Cassius Clay you are for a dubby, offbeat, electronica, trip hoppy rollercoaster ride of a treat. If you are of a certain age and remember the moon landings, Lee Harvey Oswald, Profumo you will find a certain nostalgia mixed in these modern rhythms. A little younger? It will lead you down a rabbit hole and you will experience BASS! The production is immense and the integrity of the Buttondownmobile is tested by the woofers working overtime!

You Are Leaving The American Sector has been receiving airtime from all over the world - check it out below:

This album should be on the history syllabus for research and downright funkiness.

Ghost Tones from Connecticut have their debut EP - Strange Terrain - out now. 5 solid tracks in the vein of Slackers and Mango Wood. At times hard edged and at others quite lo-fi and back to basics. A cracking debut. Very much looking forward to seeing what these guys do next.

Oh man! NEW BRUCE LEE BAND EP Division In The Heartland is out now on Asian Man Records.